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Women Choose Their Emotional Involvements
05 Jul 2018

Which brings us to the usual England team performance. In my personal opinion, the massive amounts of money that even mediocre Premier League footballers get paid is the key to why the previous English teams have fared so badly in major competitions in the past.

The sense of lazy entitlement in players such as Wayne Rooney was as palpable as it was disgusting to see. Complaining about the England fans who booed him for not trying in a game that they had spent a months wages to come and watch? Disgraceful. Either way, they have often bombed out of competitions very early even though the new team of young players are doing really well this year. Hey, they have even managed to win a penalty shoot out. The first time that they have done so after four previous failures.

It is strange to me, as someone that works in the sex and adult industry, that people who get paid for their athletic performance and results can be paid as much as the England team players are and have been without ever delivering anything. I do not include the current team in this, they seem to really want to win and are apparently proud of wearing the three lions of England on their chest. But the previous teams have been lazy, uncommitted and blatantly not given a toss about how they have performed. Professional Malaga escorts need to do their jobs properly or they will not get paid and certainly they will not get invited back for repeat bookings or generate regular clients. And the escort agencies that they work with would drop them very quickly.

Women are smart enough to not become too emotionally involved in something that is almost certain to go wrong. Apart from doomed relationships with romantic partners anyhow. They avoid the crashing come down and intense screaming, moaning and cat calling when England embarrass the nation. Though the excellent female analysts on the TV this year might pull extra females in this time around. And interestingly, they are former internationals themselves for the female England team, which has done much better than the male team in the past decade.