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Lust makes men dumb
24 Sep 2018

Lust makes men dumb. As they say, a stiff cock has no conscience. And also, once a man gets an erection, the little one eyed monk between their legs takes over and pretty much begins to make the decisions on their behalf, pretty much without the input of the person between their ears. That person is still there, of course, and he moves and talks. But the one eyed monk is driving the bus.

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As soon as a client gets a taste of the pleasure he can receive from spending time with a reallt highly skilled escort girl, his (penis) head swells and he can no longer implement good judgment, let alone actually show good judgement. After spending time with a girl who escorts Geneva visitors and feeling as though he is on top of the world because of his experiences with a really skilled sexual partner, many clients take the boost to their confidence way too far. They take that feeling of power and invulnerability out into the rest of their day to day lives in less than productive ways. They can find themselves challenging authority and pushing against the status quo in a great many areas of their lives.

To give you an example, a client who believes that he is in love with an escort after a particularly satisfying and rewarding sexual assignation might announce to his wife of decades that he wants a divorce. That really is not fully thinking through the impact of your actions just because the testosterone is flowing and the endorhpins are still high after the joy of sexual release- Other clients might brag to friends and work colleagues about their escapades with professionak escorts, without taking the time to really think through the ramifications that their revelations might have on their reputations, relationships and careers. Because of their boosted egos and raised hormone levels, they leave discretion and good judgement behind in the bedroom of a professional sex worker. They are blinded to their impact of their decisions and actions by the joy and bliss that they temporarily experience with a working girl who is paid to make them feel exactly like that. Much like a school boy with his first crush on the girl with the cute backside and big tits sitting in the row ahead of them, men often do relly dumb things when they get turned on sexually by an escort girl.